Top Rated Proxies

Our top proxies are listed according to how many positive ratings they have accumulated, previous visitors have used the proxies in this top list and then rated the proxy according to its performance. As you can probably see there are quite a few ProxyTip servers in the top proxy list, that is due to the high level of service we maintain. Proxies with a higher rating generally tend to be much faster compared to other sites with a lower rating; Proxies with a higher rating are also more reliable and users normally enjoy a safer experience. The top proxy list is reviewed every week on top of the regular hourly scans of all the sites to ensure a higher calibre of proxies and a constant variety.

Site Title Category Hits Age Rating
ProxyTip - German SSL Proxy Server SSL Secure Proxies 20913 1 year 133
ProxyTip - British SSL Proxy Server SSL Secure Proxies 18635 1 year 108
ProxyTip - Belgian SSL Proxy Server SSL Secure Proxies 13517 1 year 97
DE Proxy - Fast German Web Proxy Free Web Proxies 2980 1 year 29
Online Fast Free Web Proxy Free Web Proxies 2335 1 year 19
Proxy 8pm Anonymous & Unblock Proxies 1804 1 month 10
Proxy Deal Anonymous & Unblock Proxies 1032 1 month 10
Proxy Flash Free Web Proxies 820 1 month 8
Kops USA Web Proxy Server Free Web Proxies 2141 1 year 5
Help Hide Me - SSL encrypted USA web proxy server Anonymous & Unblock Proxies 1531 1 year 5
Proxy France Free Web Proxies 1444 1 month 5
Spain Proxy SSL Secure Proxies 2338 1 month 4
Xitesite - Unblocks websites and anonymizer Anonymous & Unblock Proxies 2627 1 month 3
BG Proxy Free Web Proxies 1599 1 month 3
Hide Buzz - Hidden Website Unblock Anonymous & Unblock Proxies 1229 1 month 3